It s about that time for another Artist Spotlight, this one has just sprung up on me a couple of weeks and he goes by the name of Connor Mullally, or Mullally. He hails from the UK and is self described as as an “edgy, zesty, neo-soul” singer, which I think is just the perfect fit for him. He is the perfect blend of Adam Levine and Maverick Sabre, which are both phenomenal vocalists.

Mullally has a certain twang in his voice that gives him such a soulful edge which can easily set him apart from the rest. He doesn’t have much under his belt just yet, a few YouTube covers, and some originals which only were released recently.

I got hooked instantly on Mullally when I heard him sing his original “Lie With me”. The version below has been on repeat since I first came across it. There is some serious vocal talent here, and not to mention the song itself is well written. This guy is a force.

If you liked what you heard above, I have way more on this talent after the jump!

I’m going to get back into his original tracks soon, but I do have to touch on some of his YouTube covers. He has covered some greats from Sam Smith to Years & Years, which are some of favorites.  I always give major props to someone who can give a Sam Smith track a run for its money, and below I featured my favorite cover by him. Mullally has stripped down “I’m Not The Only One”, and added his raw vocals over just a simple guitar riff and it sounds absolutely amazing.

All of this leads to what is definitely my favorite song of the moment, his original “Troubled Love”. The track’s production gives me some serious Disclosure vibes which gives Mullally’s vocals a chance to soar. I love everything about this track, and it will be on repeat for quite some time.

If you like what you heard from this UK talent, I have added his YouTube, Twitter and Facebook links below. Go show support to this talent!


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