I have been following the talent that is Brayton Bowman for quite some time now but I haven’t actually given him the necessary credit he deserves, so with September coming to a start he is this months Artist Spotlight!

There is a lot of talent running through this man, he has given us everything from 90’s mash-up’s to some fantastic, attitude filled original tracks. The best way to describe Brayton’s sound would be a more soulful pop sound, but I would use the term “Pop” lightly because I feel like that limits his sound. More recently, Brayton has been linked to another one of my favorites, MNEK, and with two talents like that together you know their music is going to be amazing.

Take a listen to a few of my favorite mash-ups and some original tracks below that the extremely talented Brayton Bowman has given us after the jump!

I mentioned earlier about his many mash-ups, but it doesn’t really do justice until you take a listen to what I am talking about. His most recent track features a mix up of NSYNC’s “It’s Gonna Be Me” and Rihanna’s “Work”, yeah you read that right.

If you enjoyed that, I would suggest you start to dive into his original tracks. His most recent release is one of my favorites so far by him titled, “What’s Really Good”, where he basically calls out all the fake bitches of the world which we all know very well. His vocals shine and his sound is so fresh and different.

You have to be a fan by now, and for those of you that are I have linked direct links to find out even more about him and I’m telling you now, this is just the beginning for this man and his talent is going to keep on growing. We will wait as long as we need to for this mans debut album to drop!


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