NEW MUSIC: Khalid – Talk


Khalid has had one of the biggest 2018’s, and his force is only growing stronger. He has just released a track produced by the incredible duo, Disclosure.

Khalid has been so versatile and fluid with his track selections. He has featured in tracks with Marshmello and even had a remix with country star, Kane Brown. Khalid is a force that can’t and won’t be stopped in 2019!

“Talk” is his latest addition to the long list of collaborations he has released, and we are absolutely loving this track! Khalid’s vocals are so recognizable, we definitely understand why everyone is wanting to work with him!

Can’t wait to hear what else he has cooked up in the studio!

NEW MUSIC: Sam Smith – Too Good At Goodbyes


Ladies and Gentlemen, Sam Smith has returned. “Too Good At Goodbyes” is right down his alley, with his signature church choir providing the background accents. To be honest, we were kind of hoping for a different approach rather than the usual heartbreak anthem, but hopefully he has something else up his sleeve.

I’m sure there will be a collaboration with Disclosure on this album, or one in the near future. For now, I think this is a solid comeback track. I don’t think it will do as well as “Stay With Me”, but still a solid track.

After Adele giving us the heartbreak album, we don’t need another from Sam Smith. Still, I’m excited to hear what he brings to the table, his vocals have definitely been missed!

NEW MUSIC: Mary J. Blige – Right Now


Words can’t explain how much this needed to happen. I was very excited when I saw Mary perform ‘F for U’ with Disclosure at one of their New York shows, then heard the news that it was going to be an official track just fueled the fire. Soon after, many reports came out of The queen of soul being in the studio with the duo, and now we have this masterpiece. Mary J’s album is produced completely by Disclosure, and this is exactly the direction that she needs to take it. She is doing something no other soul singer is doing right now, putting her way above the rest right now, which is why she is queen.

I have a lot of respect for Mary and her acknowledgement of the UK scene, and while locking disclosure in for her album, she is going to go miles with this album. I absolutely can’t get enough of this track, and need the rest of the album right now!

Watch out world, Mary J. is back!

NEW MUSIC: Pharrell – Frontin’ [Ft. Jay-Z] (Disclosure Remix)


Disclosure is one of my favorite artists to come out of the last couple of years, and they can do no wrong, and this track just proves that. While the original track was huge when it first came out, Disclosure adds a slight sooth dancefloor ready vibe to it, and it is fantastic! I would love to hear more remixes from these guys. I don’t know if they are in talks of a new album, since their first album is still churning out the tunes, but I have to say I’m ready for it!

NEW VIDEO: Disclosure – F For You [Ft. Mary J Blige]

There are seriously no words to describe how amazing this collaboration is, Disclosure and Queen Mary shut down all aspects of music on this track! Been following Disclosure for about 3 years now, and it is absolutely amazing to see them reach this level of fame, which is easily much deserved. These 2 superstars performed together in New York, in what I can only imagine was a show that wasn’t to be missed. Anyway, enough praise for the duo, if you don’t know by now…..

Side Note: I’m absolutely jealous to anyone who is going to the sold out Disclosure set in Dallas!

NEW MUSIC: Disclosure – F For You


Disclosure is back with more new music, this time with a dance floor vibe. ‘F For You’ still keeps the classic sound that they are known for but by adding a heavy, almost groovy sounding beat, this track is definitely dance floor ready. Disclosure’s new album is sounding like gold from everything I have heard so far, I am patiently awaiting to hear their legendary track with Jamie Woon, which I have no doubt will be my favorite track off their album, and possibly one of my favorite of the year. The album is dude out June 4th, and It can’t come ANY sooner!


NEW MUSIC: Disclosure – You & Me [Ft. Eliza Doolittle]


One of my favorites, Disclosure, has released a new summer smash titled ‘You & Me’. This track features the smooth Eliza Doolittle on the vocals who adds kind of pop feel toward the more underground sound. This track is everything summer, and it just adds to the perfection that will be their upcoming album.


NEW VIDEO: Disclosure – Latch

After first hearing Disclosures most recent gem, I have been waiting to see what they had in store for their video. After giving it a watch, I’m not really sure what I was looking for in the video, but I guess it makes sense. The video is full of a lot of lip locking which is suggested in the songs title ‘Latch’. Anyway, the video doesn’t have any effect on how awesome the song still is.

NEW MUSIC: Disclosure – Latch [Ft. Sam Smith]

Disclosure has released a new soulful single featuring the equally soulful Sam Smith titled ‘Latch’. I’m not sure who this Sam Smith is, but I will definitely look into him after hearing his vocals on this track. There is nothing bad to say about this track, it’s a disclosure track, it falls in the same perfect category. I would even go as far as saying this could be one of my favorite tracks from them yet.

Anyway take a listen below!

NEW MUSIC: Disclosure – Boiling [Ft. Sinead Harnett]


Disclosure has been churning out all the hits the past couple of months, and I would rate this one pretty high. I love everything about this track, the featured soulful vocals by Sinead Harnett, and the chill trance flavored beat by Disclosure.  Nice bassline, nice head bobbing beat, everything about this track is so good!

take a listen below!