NEW MUSIC: Maverick Sabre x Jorja Smith – Slow Down

Maverick Sabre has always been a favorite of ours here with every single track he releases. His talent is incredible and we will continue to support him in every way we can.

These two talents are no strangers, with a European tour under their belt, and a track already previously released together on Jorja Smith’s Project 11, this collaboration just makes sense.

Their vocals intertwine with ease to create the magic that is “Slow Down”. They both sound incredible together and we hope this duo gives a USA tour soon!

This is Maverick’s third single off his album, When I Wake Up, due out March! We can’t wait to hear this project!!

NEW VIDEO: Gorgon City – Coming Home [Ft. Maverick Sabre]


Two of my favorites blend their very unique styles and create something amazing. Maverick Sabre’s soulful vibes, and Gorgon City’s house/dance vibes mixed together is perfection on this new track ‘Coming Home’. I’m mostly glad to hear Maverick back on the scene, his talent was definitely missed. I definitely see this being a hit in the UK, and hopefully enough to bring them over to the US because I would love to see them both!


NEW VIDEO: Maverick Sabre – Emotion (Ain’t Nobody) (Remix) [Ft. Chipmunk, Devlin, & George The Poet]

I have already expressed my love for this track in its original form, but now Maverick brings the raw talents of many UK artists. First, I am really happy to see Devlin back on tracks, he has been one of my favorites for a while now, I love his flow so much. While I’m not too familiar with George the Poet, both him and Chipmunk brought fire to this track. The features on this track gives the track a much different vibe than the original, and both will definitely be on repeat.


JUST LISTEN: Maverick Sabre Cover’s ‘Summer’ by Calvin Harris

Maverick Sabre’s debut album Lonely Are The Brave, was one of my favorites of 2012, and while he is slowly prepping his comeback, we get to listen to this amazing cover. Maverick soulfully mashes up the 2 biggest hits of the summer, Calvin Harris’ ‘Summer’ and John Legend’s ‘All of Me’ into one track. I love everything about this, and it just reminds us of how talented this man is vocally. I look forward to hearing this mans follow up album, because it is sure to be on repeat just like his debut is.

NEW VIDEO: Maverick Sabre – Emotion

A little slow to post this one, but as most of you know I have been following this guys career for quite some time now, and a new album is well overdue. Luckily he has graced us with a genius debut track from his second album titled ‘Emotion’.

Maverick sabre has a voice like no other, and his debut album was a smash, if you haven’t heard it I highly recommend you do. ‘Emotion’ brings everything that Sabre is about, a little rap flow mixed with a little soul. I hope he does bigger things the second time around, and I can’t wait for his album!

NEW VIDEO: Maverick Sabre – Breathe


Maverick Sabre is back ladies and gentlemen. His debut album Lonely Are The Brave was a definite smash, and now he releases his first single from his second album titled ‘Breathe’. This track shows a little less Sabre vocals, and more of his flow, it definitely sounds different from his first album. I’m not sure how I feel about the track just yet, but I have been a huge Sabre fan for a while now, and I’m sure this will grow. It’s not radio friendly like the smash ‘Let Me Go’, but I’m liking the stripped back style that he has going.

Watch out for Maverick Sabres second album!

NEW VIDEO: Maverick Sabre’s Bob Marley Tribute

One of my favorite UK sites SBTV has done an acoustic session with one of my favorite soul singers of the past 2 years, Maverick Sabre. SBTV is known for doing sessions with artists that are trying to breakout into the business and they have found some pretty amazing talent; Maverick Sabre, Jessie J, Ed Sheeran.

Anyway, seeing as it is the legend that is Bob Marley’s birthday today, what better way than to tribute than to sing one of his most famous songs ‘Redemption Song’. I might be a bit biased because I love everything Maverick Sabre does, but this cover is AMAZING.

Maverick Sabre’s album is out now in the UK, and he has reached #1 right where he belongs. If only the USA could recognize such talent.

RIP Bob Marley