NEWS: Justin Timberlake 20/20 Experience Part 2 of 2 Tracklist


Following the huge success of JT’s comeback album, next month sees the release of a follow up, The 20/20 Experience part 2 of 2. JT can honestly do no wrong, and with his first single off the album ‘Take Back The Night’, doing wonders on the chart, while he still has heavy airplay with both ‘Suit & Tie’, and ‘Mirrors’, this album will just add to the success. Today JT graced us with the tracklist for his next album due out next month, and for me, this is the hype I need to get excited for this next album.

His previous album is still on heavy rotation, but anyway, check out the tracklist after the jump!

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NEWS: Justin Timberlake Album Cover & Tracklist


The prince of pop is slowly teasing us with his highly anticipated comeback after his almost 7 year hiatus from the business. Justin Timberlake is ready to come back as he drops the cover to his epic album, The 20/20 Experience. The cover is flawless and classy just as expected, and it gets me more and more excited for this amazing album.

The tracklist is just as orgasmic as the cover, some of the titles are just perfection, and I know I’m jumping ahead of everything right now, but I can’t expect anything less from him. The single has delivered on all levels and the live youtube versions of ‘Pusher Love Girl’ and ‘That Girl’ definitely don’t disappoint either!

Check the tracklist after the jump

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NEWS: Superstar Adele is Pregnant With First Child

I usually don’t post much news on here, but since Adele seems to own the world right now, I figured it was relevant. Grammy slayer, Adele claimed to be taking a year off of music because she wanted to be able to write about happy things, and no more breakups. Just a little while ago, Adele announced on her Official website that she and present boyfriend Simon Konecki, are expecting their first child!

I am extremely happy for her, and wish the best for them. You can check out the blog post from her official website below, but seeing as she has shut down the internet with this news I’ll just post the quote from it and you can check it later when everything calms down.

“I’m delighted to announce that Simon  and I are expecting our first child together,I wanted you to hear the news direct from me, obviously we’re over the moon and very excited but please respect our privacy at this precious time. Yours always, Adele xx”

Talk about Sales increase!