NEW MUSIC: Childish Gambino – Me and Your Mama


Just a few hours after dropping the album art (pictured above) from his long awaited follow up to, Because the Internet, Childish Gambino drops his new single off his newest project. “Me and Your Mama” comes in around six and a half minutes long, but every second is magical.

When the song finally kicks in after about two minutes of interlude, we hear Childish screaming over a break up. It is definitely something different, and very raw. While the track feels very short, it is the opening track to the album so it is acting as almost a teaser to the album.

I can’t wait to hear more of his new album titled, Awaken, My Love!, which is set to drop Dec. 2nd!

Enjoy, and check out the track list after the jump!

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NEW MUSIC: Leona Lewis – Trouble [Ft. Childish Gambino]

Leona Lewis attempts her comeback after she completely failed ripping off Avicii with ‘Collide’. ‘Trouble’ is written by the amazing Emeli Sande, and you can easily tell if your a fan of her. ‘Trouble’ doesn’t really sound like anything Leona would put out, but having said that, it’s not a bad song.The added feature of Childish is a bit random, but I guess she is going for some street cred. When it comes down to it, she has an amazing voice, just not the right emotion behind it to pull off a dark song long this.

Good song, but if Emeli Sande would have kept it to herself, she would have slayed it.

NEW VIDEO: Childish Gambino- Heartbeat

Childish Gambino is proving that not only does he have rap skills, but he can easily fit just as well on an electronic based track. I actually really like this song and the video just makes it that much better. It’s definitely sexier than his other tracks and videos have been, and I love every bit of it. Dude definitely has some skill aside from comedy.