NEW MUSIC: Jennifer Lopez – Ain’t Your Mama


I have very mixed feelings about Jennifer Lopez, she releases bangers but they still don’t compare to old school Jenny from the block. I’m still here for J.Lo because I believe she can perform a track like not many pop stars can today. She knows her strengths as an entertainer and she definitely can put on a show.

“Ain’t Your Mama” doesn’t compare to “On The Floor”, it is a lot more pulled back and reserved. It is a very smart move considering Rihanna is all over the radio at the moment and the reggae, dance floor vibe feeling is definitely the right move right now. There is also a female empowerment movement going on over the airwaves with Adele, Rihanna, Beyonce and soon to be BeBe Rexha taking over.

I don’t see this song being a number 1 hit at all, but I could be proven wrong after she performs this tonight on the Idol Finale. I believe this song will have a quick idol run then fade, but I’m glad to see she is back in the studio.

Take a listen below!

NEW VIDEO: Jennifer Lopez – Goin’ In

I haven’t made my mind up about this new track from JLo. Its extremely generic dance pop, and the added feature of Lil Jon screaming ‘Put your hands up’ doesn’t make me like it anymore. For some reason, she makes it work. I do like the video in parts, by parts I mean her dance breaks which this song could have done a lot more of instead of colorful paint being through around. Anyway, this song will have it’s time in the charts, then slowly die away like most euro-pop music, but I don’t hate it.