NEW MUSIC: Ed Sheeran – Shape of You x Castle on the Hill


Just a week into 2017, and Ed Sheeran has dropped not one, but two tracks off his highly anticipated upcoming album, Divide.

For those of you that have followed us from the beginning will know the appreciation we have for Sheeran, so the release of new music has us ecstatic! First we will dive into the pop infused track, “Shape of You”. While being compared to Sia’s, “Cheap Thrills”, Ed definitely brings this track in his own lane. This track is going to be absolutely huge.

Next is “Castle on the Hill”, which gives us some signature Sheeran rasp, and I’m loving it. It is less of the regular flow that we are used to from him, but another banger nonetheless.

Ed Sheeran has definitely been missed from the business, and it is about time for a male “popstar” of his talent to bring the charts alive with real music again!

NEW VIDEO: M.O – Not In Love [Ft. Kent Jones]

I have always been a huge fan of M.O, they just keep producing smash after smash and “Not In Love” is no exception. They just released the videos to accompany the catchy track and it is everything you want from a girl group. With all the drama of other groups, M.O has remained consist with their music and I will keep supporting them and their careers.

The video is pretty basic compared to other’s they have released (“Dance On My Own“), but the track speaks for itself. I love everything about this.

NEW MUSIC: Jennifer Lopez – Ain’t Your Mama


I have very mixed feelings about Jennifer Lopez, she releases bangers but they still don’t compare to old school Jenny from the block. I’m still here for J.Lo because I believe she can perform a track like not many pop stars can today. She knows her strengths as an entertainer and she definitely can put on a show.

“Ain’t Your Mama” doesn’t compare to “On The Floor”, it is a lot more pulled back and reserved. It is a very smart move considering Rihanna is all over the radio at the moment and the reggae, dance floor vibe feeling is definitely the right move right now. There is also a female empowerment movement going on over the airwaves with Adele, Rihanna, Beyonce and soon to be BeBe Rexha taking over.

I don’t see this song being a number 1 hit at all, but I could be proven wrong after she performs this tonight on the Idol Finale. I believe this song will have a quick idol run then fade, but I’m glad to see she is back in the studio.

Take a listen below!

NEW MUSIC: Ariana Grande – Be Alright


Ariana first premiered this track on SNL last week, and the internet fell in love. Ariana’s first attempt, “Dangerous Women” was a smash in my books. If you haven’t seen her singing acoustically in a strange bunny mask, I highly suggest you do because it will give you more confidence in her amazing vocal ability.

“Be Alright” is equally as amazing, she took it somewhere else with production. She kept her safe upbeat, radio friendly sound but that production is what takes it to another level. It is almost Jamie XX sounding at points, and definitely giving this radio pop a much needed change up.

I’m impressed with everything Ariana has done this era, and I have to say while I wasn’t a huge fan of her vocals before, she has definitely matured.

Take a listen below!

NEW VIDEO: Iggy Azalea – Team

I’m just now hearing this new Iggy track, and I’m not quite sure how I feel about it. When I first listened to it, I thought it was a jam. I have listened to it a couple of times since then and I just don’t see the star quality in her.

She had huge success with “Black Widow” and to me, that was about it. This song is missing a feature and lacking a catchy chorus. To be honest, that is all Iggy’s major hits were good for. She also took the Justin Bieber route in making a dance video for this track, which we all know the Biebs can’t be taken down at this moment.

I don’t see this track doing well, and I’m calling another failure by Iggy. Bye.