NEW MUSIC: Kanye West – No Parties in LA [Ft. Kendrick Lamar]


Kanye West has returned to his G.O.O.D Friday days and has been giving us a new track every Friday, and after missing the deadline last week, he finally gives us the full version of the Kendrick assisted, “No More Parties in LA”.

This track definitely has old school Kanye vibes which was my favorite version of him, and of course Kendrick is a standout for me, so I’m loving this track. Kanye’s albumĀ Swish is due out Feb. 11th.

Take a listen below!

NEW VIDEO: Kanye West – Only One

I wasn’t a fan of this song when it first made it’s release, but this video put it in perspective and I fell in love with it. Although some parts such as the beginning with him running, and the part where he is singing along sounding like he is high on all the drugs could have been taken out. I am officially ready for the new Yeezus that is to come out of this album.

NEW MUSIC: Rihanna – FourFiveSeconds [Ft. Paul McCartney & Kanye West]


The #R8 era begins!

I have been waiting quite a while for Rihanna to drop a track, after taking quite a long break from the scene, she gives us a huge surprise by dropping ‘FourFiveSeconds’. The very acoustic sounding track features huge legends, Kanye West and Paul McCartney, and I have to say that I absolutely love it. I don’t think Rihanna has sounded better on any of her tracks yet, I prefer this Rih over any of her dance tracks, but still love me some Rihanna anyway. I predict a huge album for her, she has been missed from the industry and she is going to come back stronger than ever.

watch out world!

NEW MUSIC: Beyonce – Drunk In Love (Remix) [Ft. Jay-Z & Kanye West]



The already hit song but Beyonce and Jay-z finally gets remix treatment, and who better, than Yeezus himself! I gotta admit, I do have a vendetta against Beyonce, but her most recent album was fantastic, and I haven’t been the biggest Kanye fan as of late, but his verse on this is actually great! Nothing else has changed in the song, just the fact that a Kanye verse has been added to the beginning, so not much of a remix, but anyway take a listen below!

NEW MUSIC: Big Sean, Jay-Z, Kanye West – Clique

I really haven’t been a fan of Rap music lately, and I really don’t like Kanye West, but I do have to say, all 3 of these rappers go pretty damn hard on this track. It gives the G.O.O.D music album some life, and I can actually get behind it. I look forward to seeing what else these guys have in store. I also like how Jay-Z threw in Rihanna AND Beyonce in his rap.

NEW MUSIC: Big Sean, Pusha T, 2 Chainz & Kanye West – Mercy

So begins the G.O.O.D music reign!

With a G.O.O.D music album coming out this year, they release the first single off the album. I’m not much of a rap fan now days, but I have to admit, this is fire! I think that this album could be a Watch The Thrown type deal, and has potential to take over the charts and every where else.

Hoping for the best!