NEW VIDEO: Tinie Tempah – Trampoline [Ft. 2 Chainz]

Tinie Tempah makes his much awaited return to the music business with the release of the smash hit ‘Trampoline’. Tinie has always been one to make tracks for the dance scene and this track is definitely no different. I don’t really care for the 2 chainz feature, but all together this track is definitely a club hit across the seas. I just hope, like so many other tracks, it gains success over here in the UK like his previous tracks did!


NEW MUSIC: The-Dream – Turnt [Ft. Beyonce & 2 Chainz]


The-Dream is apparently trying to make his comeback to the industry with the release of this single ‘Turnt’ and soon to be album IV Play. ‘Turnt’ features two huge collaborations adding Beyonce and 2 Chainz to the mix. The-Dream has written countless songs for Beyonce which is probably how he snagged her on an album track, so he might as well release it to gain some buzz. The track is just alright, I used to love his older stuff, but since then his sound hasn’t changed too much, and this track just fades away in the mix of all other radio songs right now. It will be a hit because of the names on the songs, not because of the song itself.

NEW MUSIC: Robin Thicke – Give It To Me [Ft.2 Chainz & Kendrick Lamar]


Robin Thicke definitely caught my attention with the release of Blurred Lines, and got me extremely excited for his upcoming album. Now with the release of his most recent efforts ‘Give It To Me’, he has made a complete 180 as far as sound goes. The beat is produced by “hitmaker” Will.I.Am, and features 2 chainz and Kendrick Lamar. While the song as a whole is actually straight fire, I’m not sure how I feel about him loosing all his soul. I understand why he has done it, it has been a long time since he has had a radio hit, and money is money. I still think Evolution of Robin Thicke is/will always be one of his best albums to date, but let’s see how this album goes!

Listen to radio rip below!

2012 VMA Performances

This years VMA’s consisted of a lot of OneDirection and Rihanna, but as far as performances go, Frank Ocean slayed all. Although He didn’t win anything, he definitely took the crown home for best performance of the night, while Rihanna was busy giving shade to everyone on stage. Pink has had way better performances in her time, but she can still do no wrong. To take the words from someone on my Twitter feed, Rihanna sounded like a goat swinging on a rope, but looked fantastic. OneDirection featured screaming girls on their track. Lil Wayne & 2 Chainz tried to be energetic and make rap seem cool and it failed. Alicia Keys performed her failure of a song while also having pretty horrible vocals, which is usually not like her, then brought out the failure Minaj to finish it off.

Take a look after the break!

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NEW MUSIC: Ciara – Sweat [Ft. 2 Chainz]


Ciara is trying to get back on it after her latest flop albums with this new single ‘Sweat’. I haven’t really decided if its good or not, I don’t hate it, and I don’t love it. It’s nothing that will stand out on the radio, but I could see her giving a slay worthy performance of the song, since she is like the female Chris Brown. I have to give it a couple of run through plays before I make a final decision on it, check it out below!

NEW MUSIC: Big Sean, Pusha T, 2 Chainz & Kanye West – Mercy

So begins the G.O.O.D music reign!

With a G.O.O.D music album coming out this year, they release the first single off the album. I’m not much of a rap fan now days, but I have to admit, this is fire! I think that this album could be a Watch The Thrown type deal, and has potential to take over the charts and every where else.

Hoping for the best!