NEW MUSIC: Madonna – Girls Gone Wild

Madonna is trying again with her new single ‘Girls Gone Wild’ produced by¬† the legendary DJ, Benny Benassi. As far as top 40 hits go, this is DEFINITELY number 1 material right here, as opposed to her other song. I definitely think this song is a better choice for single material seeing as EDM is definitely the top 40 way to go right now. After that horrific end to the superbowl performance with LMFAO, I figured she would be going in this direction with her album.

For me, I like it, I’ll forget about it in a month or so. It is way to average and just blends in with all the other Dance music that is being released right now, and it doesn’t really stick out with anything special. It will definitely rocket up the charts though, and I’m sure that’s all she is concerned about.

Take a listen:

MDNA is due out March 26th


Madonna’s Superbowl Performance

The ever so famous Superbowl halftime show was just a few hours ago with the one and only Madonna. I have heard mixed reviews on the whole thing, but I think she was alright up and till she started acting 21. That whole LMFAO addition was just a mess, then her dancing got a little too dirty for her age, she then proceeded to bring out Nicki Minaj and M.I.A. to perform the fail of a song ‘Give Me All Your Luvin’. She did kind of redeem herself with the accompany of Cee-Lo Green, but then lost all credibility when she put the ‘World Peace’ message after all that grinding. SERIOUSLY?

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