NEW MUSIC: Mura Masa – Firefly [Ft. NAO]


This track isn’t quite “new”, but has been given it’s official release as of yesterday! It has been floating around the internet for about a year now, and with Mura Masa dropping his self-titled debut on July 14th, we get the official sound.

Mura Masa has made quite the name for himself as of late with features coming from A$AP Rocky and Charlie XCX. He now features one of my favorites, NAO, on the track “Firefly”. This track is definitely built for the summer, as is his entire album. The light xylophone sounding beat gives NAO room to shine.

His debut album has some quite heavy features on it including Desiigner, A.K Paul, and Gorillaz own, Damon Albarn.

Take a listen below, and watch out come July 14th, this debut is going to be a smash!

NEW MUSIC: Nao vs A.K Paul – So Good



No one knows what happened to the ever so talented Jai Paul, but apparently A.K Paul is his brother and has a very similar sound to Jai when it comes to music. A.K Paul has had a hand in making some of my favorite tracks in the past couple of months including Sam Smith’s ‘Nirvana’, and Jessie Ware’s ‘Devotion’. Now he lends his talents to Nao, a very sexy sounding soul singer. The track is a little funky mixed with a bit of electronic vibe. I’m loving everything about this, and hope to hear more from both as soon as possible.

Not quite convinced that A.K Paul is Jai’s brother, but rather just Jai Paul in disguise…..