NEW VIDEO: Jay Norton on The Voice

The very talented Jay Norton decided to show off his amazing vocals to the world on The Voice. I recently featured this guy a couple of months back when he released his mixtape, which is still on repeat for me!

Anyway, so he performed his cover of ‘I Need A Dollar’ and got turn chairs by Will.I.Am and the legend Tom Jones. He eventually went with Will.I.Am which is definitely the perfect choice for him. I can’t wait to see him perform, and I hope he goes far!

That makes 2!
Vince Kidd
and now Jay Norton, didn’t I tell you?

NEW VIDEO: Vince Kidd on The Voice

One of my favorite new artists right now showed the UK his amazing voice last night by trying out for one of the biggest new talent shows. He shocked the judges by giving them a little bit of soul by performing Madonna’s ‘Like A Virgin’, adding his own sexy spin to it. He got 4 chair turns in the end, and went with Team Jessie J which is definitely a good look for him, and I hope she does him justice.

Vince Kidd is definitely my vote to win the show, and if I could support him from the USA, I would. He is going to get so much publicity and fans from this and the best part is I get to see a live performance of him from weekly!

This guy deserves every bit of success and I’m so glad to be able to watch this journey. Watch out world, Vince Kidd is taking over the airwaves!