NEW MUSIC: MNEK – Ready For Your Love (Gorgan City Cover)

I have been a huge fan of MNEK for a while now, and with the release of his new Gorgan City cover, ‘Ready For Your Love’, my fascination grows even more. MNEK sounds excellent and as soulful as ever. He previously featured on the original track, but now takes the reigns and adds a very soulful and sexy twist to the track, which in my brain is better than the original, which is saying quite a bit because the original is a definitely smash. Anyway take a listen, and if this doesn’t sell you on MNEK, I’m not sure what will

2012 VMA Performances

This years VMA’s consisted of a lot of OneDirection and Rihanna, but as far as performances go, Frank Ocean slayed all. Although He didn’t win anything, he definitely took the crown home for best performance of the night, while Rihanna was busy giving shade to everyone on stage. Pink has had way better performances in her time, but she can still do no wrong. To take the words from someone on my Twitter feed, Rihanna sounded like a goat swinging on a rope, but looked fantastic. OneDirection featured screaming girls on their track. Lil Wayne & 2 Chainz tried to be energetic and make rap seem cool and it failed. Alicia Keys performed her failure of a song while also having pretty horrible vocals, which is usually not like her, then brought out the failure Minaj to finish it off.

Take a look after the break!

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NEW VIDEO: Jay Norton on The Voice

The very talented Jay Norton decided to show off his amazing vocals to the world on The Voice. I recently featured this guy a couple of months back when he released his mixtape, which is still on repeat for me!

Anyway, so he performed his cover of ‘I Need A Dollar’ and got turn chairs by Will.I.Am and the legend Tom Jones. He eventually went with Will.I.Am which is definitely the perfect choice for him. I can’t wait to see him perform, and I hope he goes far!

That makes 2!
Vince Kidd
and now Jay Norton, didn’t I tell you?

NEW VIDEO: Rita Ora – R.I.P. [Ft. Tinie Tempah]

The talented Rita Ora drops a video for her debut Rihanna rip off single, R.I.P.
While the song is just alright, the video doesn’t help it either. She looks good in it, and I love how the video is done, it just doesn’t do anything. Easily forgettable.

I still have high hopes for her, she has quite a bit of talent so maybe if she can get signed to someone else rather than being Rihanna’s shadow, she could have quite an impact on the business.

NEW VIDEO: Vince Kidd on The Voice

One of my favorite new artists right now showed the UK his amazing voice last night by trying out for one of the biggest new talent shows. He shocked the judges by giving them a little bit of soul by performing Madonna’s ‘Like A Virgin’, adding his own sexy spin to it. He got 4 chair turns in the end, and went with Team Jessie J which is definitely a good look for him, and I hope she does him justice.

Vince Kidd is definitely my vote to win the show, and if I could support him from the USA, I would. He is going to get so much publicity and fans from this and the best part is I get to see a live performance of him from weekly!

This guy deserves every bit of success and I’m so glad to be able to watch this journey. Watch out world, Vince Kidd is taking over the airwaves!

NEW VIDEO: Vince Kidd – ‘You and Me’

Let’s focus on this guys talent one more time, because his voice is pure sex and I can’t get over it. From his acoustic video for ‘The Last Train‘, to his ‘Sick Love‘ music video he shocks me every new performance/song he puts out. This song, and every song he has made, has been on repeat ever since. I told you before, now I will tell you again:

WATCH OUT 2012!!

Also, regardless of what any of those Youtube comments say, this guy is pure talent and it doesn’t matter what he looks like, I don’t know him personally, but all I know is that on twitter he comes across as a genuine person, and he definitely has the support of Long Live Music, because of his amazing talent! I can’t wait for him to take over the States!
Rant Over!

NEW PERFORMANCE: Lana Del Rey on American Idol

After her highly criticized SNL performance, which I might add wasn’t as disastrous as everyone is making it out to be, she brings it all back with this stunning performance of ‘Video Games’ on American Idol. Her confidence has grown quite a bit, and her voice is just getting better and better each time I see her. Let’s hope she reschedules that North American tour, because I would love to see her live!

Watch it below!

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VIDEO: Adele’s 60 minute Interview

Right before her anticipating comeback from vocal rest, Adele first spoke to Anderson cooper on everything from her overnight success, to her famous relationship that gained her 6 Grammys last night. You can’t help but love everything about her, and she desereves every bit of success she gets.
It was just announced that her next single is ‘Rumor Has It’, one of the more uptempo tracks on the masterpiece. There is no doubt in my mind that, like the rest of her singles, it will reach number 1 for at least 3 weeks.

Who can stop the LEGEND?!?

2012 Grammy Performances

Tonights performances were very interesting, there were some by ‘artists’ that needed their nominations taken away (Nicki Minaj) and some that basically showed why they were owning the world (Adele), and even a heartfelt performance of the late legend Whitney Houston.

In addition, tonight Adele tied the record for winning the most Grammy awards in one night by a female with a total of 6 grammy’s tonight, sharing that record with Beyonce. While Adele is only 23 years old and just on her 2nd album in her career, I would say she is well on her way to plenty more records to be broken.

Anyway check out performances from the likes of Chris Brown, Rihanna, Coldplay, Adele, Nicki Minaj and many more after the Jump!

(I will post the others as soon as they are put up)

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NEW VIDEO: Angel- Fire (Acoustic)

Just came across this guy recently after watching that video above from SBTV, and I absolutely LOVED his voice. He is from London, and he has a very R&B/Hip-Hop vibe to him, with very soulful vocals. The video above shows him mixing Lauryn Hill’s ‘To Zion’ with his own track ‘Fire’ from his recently released mixtape, which might I add is FREE. Anyway watch the video and download the Mixtape from his OFFICIAL SITE