NEW VIDEO: Vince Kidd – The Zoo [Ft. Vanessa White]

Definitely one of my favorite new comers this past year has been the soulful, raw, Vince Kidd. He hooked me with his release of ‘Taboo’, and after gaining a heap of success on The Voice UK, he has released a sick song for us to enjoy. ‘The Zoo’ definitely sounds like a Kidd masterpiece, from the lyrics to the costumes throughout the video. You can easily tell he had a hand in all aspects of this video, and well the song is freaking fantastic. I hope this guy gets so much success, because he really deserves it!


NEW MUSIC: Vince Kidd – Sick Love [Ft. Lady Leshurr]

I posted the first release of this song a while back, now that he has gained his much needed fame from being on The Voice UK, he comes back stronger than ever with the remix of Sick Love, featuring UK talent Lady Leshurr who will be accompanying him on his UK tour! I have to say the original was just perfection, but so is this! Vince Kidd makes this one a little more hard hitting and with a grime feel, and Lady Leshurr just adds on to that.

Vince Kidd has some kind of talent that is not going to be found anywhere else, and all his tracks prove it. I need a USA take over NOW!

NEW VIDEO: Vince Kidd on The Voice

One of my favorite new artists right now showed the UK his amazing voice last night by trying out for one of the biggest new talent shows. He shocked the judges by giving them a little bit of soul by performing Madonna’s ‘Like A Virgin’, adding his own sexy spin to it. He got 4 chair turns in the end, and went with Team Jessie J which is definitely a good look for him, and I hope she does him justice.

Vince Kidd is definitely my vote to win the show, and if I could support him from the USA, I would. He is going to get so much publicity and fans from this and the best part is I get to see a live performance of him from weekly!

This guy deserves every bit of success and I’m so glad to be able to watch this journey. Watch out world, Vince Kidd is taking over the airwaves!

NEW VIDEO: Vince Kidd – ‘You and Me’

Let’s focus on this guys talent one more time, because his voice is pure sex and I can’t get over it. From his acoustic video for ‘The Last Train‘, to his ‘Sick Love‘ music video he shocks me every new performance/song he puts out. This song, and every song he has made, has been on repeat ever since. I told you before, now I will tell you again:

WATCH OUT 2012!!

Also, regardless of what any of those Youtube comments say, this guy is pure talent and it doesn’t matter what he looks like, I don’t know him personally, but all I know is that on twitter he comes across as a genuine person, and he definitely has the support of Long Live Music, because of his amazing talent! I can’t wait for him to take over the States!
Rant Over!

ACOUSTIC VIDEO: Vince Kidd- The Last Train


I really can’t stress how good this guy is! I recently featured him in one of my Artist Spotlight posts, and he just dropped another acoustic video for a track titled ‘The Last Train’, paying a fitting soulful tribute to the late legend Etta James. I’m not sure where the track is from, I’m guessing from his upcoming album, but either way it doesn’t matter because it’s AMAZING!

If you don’t know him, get yourself educated because he is going far! Watch out for this guy this year!