NEW MUSIC: Demi Lovato – You Don’t Do It For Me Anymore


Demi has been making waves in the music industry with her newest album Tell Me You Love Me, and it’s not even out yet. Her first single, “Sorry Not Sorry” is an absolute smash and since then she has released two more emotional, vocal focused tracks.

Her first of the two was the title track of the album, Tell Me You Love Me, which has so much power and emotion behind the track it’s unbelievable. Her most recent release, “You Don’t Do It For Me Anymore”, is along the same lines. The production behind some seriously powerful vocals makes this track an instant smash.

I have only been a minor Demi fan but my interest is definitely growing. Tell Me You Love Me will be her best album to date, and I don’t think she has even reached her peak yet.

Album due out September 29th, take a listen to the title track below!

NEW VIDEO: Fergie – You Already Know [Ft. Nicki Minaj]


Fergie is officially back in business!

Earlier last month she gave us two singles, “Hungry” & “You Already Know” as a part of her long awaited second solo album, Double Dutchess. She finally shares the visuals from my favorite of the two tracks and it’s so visually different from what you would expect from a pop-star. That is one thing we can always count on with Fergie, she always brings a unique side to the cookie cutter pop world!

This is a pop video I can get down with!
Stay tuned, Double Dutchess is due out NEXT WEEK!

NEW MUSIC: Sofi Tukker – Best Friend [Ft. NERVO, The Knocks, & Alisa Ueno]


Sofi Tukker is back with another banger, this time with a whole list of features! “Best Friend” is catchy production heavy jam, which praises the best friend.

In addition to just being an all around smash, the song is featured in the new Apple Iphone X ad, which is fantastic news for the duo! These will hopefully give them the needed exposure for a USA tour!

Don’t let the commercial fool you, they are much more than just that! If you are new to the Sofi Tukker train, I recommend you listen to their previous single “Fuck They“. They just keep on giving us anthems to blast through our speakers, and we can’t wait to hear more from them!


NEW MUSIC: Tove Lo – Disco Tits



Among all the tracks we have been hearing recently, Tove Lo has given us the banger that we have been waiting for. “Disco Tits” is a perfect quirky and fun blend of pop perfection that we have been needing all our lives.

Tove Lo has taken a more sexy approach and just completely owning it. I can’t even begin to talk about the Daft Punk sounding production on this track, everything just blends so perfectly. All I know is that this track has been on heavy rotation since it was released and we will keep on blasting it.


NEW MUSIC: Sam Smith – Too Good At Goodbyes


Ladies and Gentlemen, Sam Smith has returned. “Too Good At Goodbyes” is right down his alley, with his signature church choir providing the background accents. To be honest, we were kind of hoping for a different approach rather than the usual heartbreak anthem, but hopefully he has something else up his sleeve.

I’m sure there will be a collaboration with Disclosure on this album, or one in the near future. For now, I think this is a solid comeback track. I don’t think it will do as well as “Stay With Me”, but still a solid track.

After Adele giving us the heartbreak album, we don’t need another from Sam Smith. Still, I’m excited to hear what he brings to the table, his vocals have definitely been missed!

NEW VIDEO: Kelly Clarkson – Love So Soft


Kelly Clarkson definitely showed out with her newest single, Love So Soft. She has been on a small hiatus from the business releasing Piece by Piece back in 2015, and now gives us the debut single off her new album Meaning of Life.

“Love So Soft” is such a different vibe from what we are expecting from Kelly, it has an almost 60’s big band feel towards it. The visuals for the track are even unexpected from a pop star of her stature. We are in love with all of it, from beginning to end! Kelly sounds amazing, and this track has brought us so much interest in this new era!

NEW MUSIC: Eden Prince – Obvious [Ft. Cassie]


London music producer, Eden Prince, has just released an insane collaboration with the one and only Cassie. Now Eden Prince is still kind of a mystery man to me, but I will definitely start to dive into his tracks after hearing this one.

“Obvious” is a beautiful bass-driven, R&B and House mix layered with the sultry vocals of Cassie. This track is just a perfect end of summer track for the world, and I can’t wait to hear more solo material from Eden Prince!

Take a listen below, and go follow Eden Prince on social media!