Rochelle Jordan

Rochelle Jordan is bringing smooth R&B vibes back all the way from Canada. I have been following this lady for quite some time now and I’m loving hearing the different tracks she has been dropping. She has just now starting putting on shows, and I can’t say enough how bad I want her to tour the USA or at least Texas. I love everything about her, she has a slight Aaliyah comparison, with a little more of The Weeknd thrown in, and the end result is Rochelle Jordan. Check out her tracks after the jump!

Rochelle Jordan’s most impressive track to me is definitely ‘How To Feel’

It brings all kinds of R&B vibes and its just smooth in general. I would say that is one of my favorite tracks, but that’s definitely not saying that the rest of her tracks aren’t worth the replay. All of her tracks are at least worth the listen, and late last year she released her FREE mixtape titled ‘ROJO’, and I gotta say it is still on heavy rotation to this day. The mixtape is available for FREE download HERE. The mixtape is definitely worth the play, so download that. If your still not convinced take a listen to her Aaliyah tribute (before you skip over this track because you think an Aaliyah track shouldn’t be covered, JUST LISTEN)

This is one of the FEW tribute tracks I can listen to, you can really feel the comparisons from Queen Aaliyah, and yet she adds her own flavor to it. She is set to drop another mixtape ‘ROJO II‘ later this year and I’m anticipating big things! ROJO is one to watch out for, and if everyone knows whats good for them, they will support her!

watch out 2012!

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