NEW MUSIC: Usher – Numb x Euphoria x Twisted [Ft. Pharrell] x Hot Thing [Ft. A$AP Rocky]

A whole batch of new Usher songs from his upcoming albumLooking 4 Myself have just leaked online, and I guess the title of the album definitely fits the tracks.The first 2 tracks ‘Numb’ & ‘Euphoria’ are huge dance tunes produced by legendary DJ’s known together as Swedish House Mafia, and the second 2 follow the R&B phase of Usher, all 4 tracks are decent, but still, I’m not sure what direction he wants to go in. Take a listen to all 4 tracks after the break!

Usher – Euphoria

Usher- Numb

Both tracks, while I still think Usher isn’t the strongest in the dance field, are both freaking epic. Not because of Usher, but because of SHM, and for that reason only, I can endorse these tracks. They will easily be hits on the radio, while both have a ‘Without U’ feeling to them, and both are extremely catchy, they fit perfectly on the radio right now.

The next 2 tracks ‘Twisted’ which features Pharrell, and ‘Hot Thing’ featuring A$AP Rocky, are more on the R&B, Hip-Hop aspects of Usher. Take a listen to both below

Usher- Hot Thing [Ft. A$AP Rocky]

Usher – Twisted [Ft. Pharrell]

As I said before, Looking 4 Myself fits perfectly as an album title, because that’s exactly what he needs to do. I understand the appeal to both audiences, but 8701 wasn’t aimed at that, and it turned out being a classic, seriously Usher, people respond to GOOD music. Neither of these tracks compare to the epic ‘Climax’ track but, also neither is that bad. ‘Twisted’ has a kind of old school feel to it, while ‘Hot Thing’ remains modern, but both provide nothing more than that. Nothing to scream about, just your standard tracks.

It’s safe to say his album has probably leaked, and I will have to give it a listen in full, and make my decision, but it is also safe to say Usher will always on some level sell out to the radio.

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