NEW MUSIC: Usher – She Came To Give It To You [Ft. Nicki Minaj]


Usher comes back funky with his Pharrell produced single, ‘She Came To Give It To You’. While this Pharrell beat is a bit retired and predictable, I’m not mad at this track. I really hope Usher keeps this sound going, because, while this is no ‘Good Kisser’, I’m very impressed with this. It’s not a standout single that will remain in your ears forever, but at least he isn’t doing his crappy dance/EDM vibe anymore.

Usher is also going to be opening up the VMA’s soon, so we might get a taste for new music then.

NEW MUSIC: Pharrell – Frontin’ [Ft. Jay-Z] (Disclosure Remix)


Disclosure is one of my favorite artists to come out of the last couple of years, and they can do no wrong, and this track just proves that. While the original track was huge when it first came out, Disclosure adds a slight sooth dancefloor ready vibe to it, and it is fantastic! I would love to hear more remixes from these guys. I don’t know if they are in talks of a new album, since their first album is still churning out the tunes, but I have to say I’m ready for it!

NEW VIDEO: Major Lazer – Aerosol Can [Ft. Pharrell]

I have to admit, I was definitely not a fan of this song upon its first release which is why I never gave it any time. Since that time, it has definitely grown on me. It is hard to hate on anything that Pharrell has a hand in making, still not his best, but then again it is a Major Lazer creation. Anyway, check out the video and jam!

NEW MUSIC: Pharrell – Brand New [Ft. Justin Timberlake]


With the very recent addition to stream Pharrells upcoming album on itunes, G I R L, we see the release of a highly anticipated track off the album featuring king JT. I have been waiting for Pharrell to drop new music for a while and 2013 was his year, and I don’t see him slowing down with the release of this album. This track has a definite Jackson 5 feel to it, and its absolutely fantastic. Like everything Pharrell has put out recently, it has a very feel good vibe to it, and just puts you in a better mood.

I can’t wait to get into the other tracks, after the repeat button breaks on this youtube video.

Also those of you itunes people, here is the link to stream the entire album—–> G I R L

NEW VIDEO: Nelly – Get Like Me [Ft. Nicki Minaj & Pharrell]

It seems as though Nelly is making quite a comeback, from his terrible country mixed single, and now to this. ‘Get Like Me’ has Pharrell productions written all over it, and I don’t mind at all. The beat is catchy, as are the lyrics, and throw on Nicki Minaj who is perfect when she is the feature of a track, you have a recipe for a top 40 smash.

NEW MUSIC: Azealia Banks – ATM Jam [Ft. Pharrell]


Azealia Banks debuts a new single ‘ATM Jam’ which she premiered over Glastonbury weekend. ‘ATM’ is a hard hitting drum based single with a feature from Pharrell. I am a bit underwhelmed with it, although it might be a grower. I always compare her tracks to the track that got me hooked on her, ‘212’. Either way she goes in on this track like she usually does, but it’s just not my favorite Azealia tune.

NEW MUSIC: Daft Punk – Get Lucky [Ft. Pharrell]


Daft Punk is indeed back with new music, the world can rest now! This classic sounding Daft Punk features the great Pharrell, who I would have never guessed can flow over a Daft Punk beat, but it works perfectly. This song is absolutely amazing, and extremely catchy. I’m extremely excited to hear what Daft Punk has in store for their new album, and this track will hopefully hold me to that!

NEW VIDEO: Robin Thicke – Blurred Lines [Ft. Pharrell & T.I]

Robin Thicke attempts to sex it up in his new video for his upcoming single ‘Blurred Lines’. This song is actually quite good, compared to Thicke’s previous attempts at albums, the beat is a classic Pharrell sounding beat and Thicke sounds quite amazing on it. I could have done without the T.I feature and the annoying hashtag that are constantly in your face, but it doesn’t hurt the track musically. It definitely sounds like ‘Wanna Love You’ 2.0, which is never a bad thing since that song was a smash. I’m not sure how Thicke will do right now in the market since he picked the worst year to make a comeback, seeing as King Justin is back in the business, but I do love this song.

The best of luck Robin!

NEW MUSIC: Usher – Numb x Euphoria x Twisted [Ft. Pharrell] x Hot Thing [Ft. A$AP Rocky]

A whole batch of new Usher songs from his upcoming albumLooking 4 Myself have just leaked online, and I guess the title of the album definitely fits the tracks.The first 2 tracks ‘Numb’ & ‘Euphoria’ are huge dance tunes produced by legendary DJ’s known together as Swedish House Mafia, and the second 2 follow the R&B phase of Usher, all 4 tracks are decent, but still, I’m not sure what direction he wants to go in. Take a listen to all 4 tracks after the break!

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