NEW MUSIC: Usher – Crash


Usher has always been hit or miss for me over the past couple of years, but it seems he is slowly catching his stride with a string of releases such as, “Good Kisser”, “There Goes My Baby”, “I Don’t Mind”, and a few others.

Usher is finally making his return with the release of “Crash”. This radio friendly smash is perfection, it is synth filled magic under a silk falsetto by the R&B star. Usher has also released a more urban flavor track featuring Young Thug, “No Limit“, which I wasn’t as much of a fan but it is safe to say that Usher is doing it right this time around.

Take a listen to “Crash” below!

NEW MUSIC: Usher – She Came To Give It To You [Ft. Nicki Minaj]


Usher comes back funky with his Pharrell produced single, ‘She Came To Give It To You’. While this Pharrell beat is a bit retired and predictable, I’m not mad at this track. I really hope Usher keeps this sound going, because, while this is no ‘Good Kisser’, I’m very impressed with this. It’s not a standout single that will remain in your ears forever, but at least he isn’t doing his crappy dance/EDM vibe anymore.

Usher is also going to be opening up the VMA’s soon, so we might get a taste for new music then.

NEW MUSIC: Chris Brown – New Flame [Ft. Usher & Rick Ross]



Coming back stronger than ever, Chris Brown releases a very hot (no pun intended) new single titled ‘New Flame’. After smashing his performance at the BET awards earlier tonight, he graces us with new music, that honestly could have done without Rick Ross. This new single is definitely on par with Usher’s ‘Good Kisser’, and he is hopefully done with all his antics and will start to focus on his career more because this kid has the talent to be the best.

While it still isn’t life changing, its a very good start, and I look forward to the video and more from this era of music from him!

NEW MUSIC: Usher – Good Kisser


Ladies and gentlemen, Usher is back. He had a couple of years of setback tracks while he followed the trend of dance music, and it was all terrible. ‘Good Kisser’ is definitely a step in the right direction and this is the kind of progression that we were looking from him.  I’m not sure who produced this track, but it is near perfect, and Usher sounds great.

While I don’t see the general public loving this too much, and I have to say this isn’t the best that he could have done. Lets be honest though, anything over dance music is genius. Usher plans to release his album in September, and I’m feeling a lot better about this album than his previous attempts at music.

Here’s to Usher making his long awaited comeback!

NEW MUSIC: Usher – Numb x Euphoria x Twisted [Ft. Pharrell] x Hot Thing [Ft. A$AP Rocky]

A whole batch of new Usher songs from his upcoming albumLooking 4 Myself have just leaked online, and I guess the title of the album definitely fits the tracks.The first 2 tracks ‘Numb’ & ‘Euphoria’ are huge dance tunes produced by legendary DJ’s known together as Swedish House Mafia, and the second 2 follow the R&B phase of Usher, all 4 tracks are decent, but still, I’m not sure what direction he wants to go in. Take a listen to all 4 tracks after the break!

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NEW MUSIC: Usher – Lemme See [Ft. Rick Ross]

Usher is back on his R&B side with ‘Lemme See’. I’m confused on what his album will sound like since he previously released the iconic ‘Climax’ then followed it up with the dance track ‘Scream’. Now he is channeling his R&B side again with this track.

I do prefer this track over ‘Scream’ but I think the added Rick Ross feature makes it less desirable. I just don’t like Rick Ross as it is, so his verse doesn’t help the song, but I definitely think this song is a winner, I’m just waiting to see what kind of album he will drop.

Take a Listen below!

NEW MUSIC: Usher – Scream

After releasing probably one the best songs of 2012, ‘Climax’, Usher tries to continue his streak with ‘Scream.

Guess What? Usher sold out to the business! This has top 40 written all over it, the beat, the nonsense lyrics, everything about it screams top 40, maybe that’s why its called Scream. I’m highly disappointed after hearing Climax which was definitely a career defining song for him. I guess he has to make money somehow?

I mean the song is catchy and good and all that as far as dance tracks and the radio are concerned, but I’m sure the music world is just as disappointed as I am right now.

Anyway take a listen below!

NEW VIDEO: Daley covers ‘Climax’

Every time I hear Daley sing, it makes me crave that debut album even more each time. Now he has put his own flavor on one of the best usher songs in the past 5 years, ‘Climax’ for SB.TV. There isn’t much else to do but tell you to watch it, and if you haven’t got his mixtape yet, something is obviously wrong with your ears. download it here!

NEW VIDEO: Usher – Climax

Definitely one of my favorite songs by Usher in the past year or 2, ‘Climax’ gets video treatment. Now while I LOVE Usher doing this genre of music, I think the video is pretty much a miss. It shows him being a secret agent or something just running everywhere, and close ups of him trying to evoke emotion and stuff. That being said, the music video doesn’t take away from how amazing this Diplo produced song is, it’s definitely going to be a hit no matter what!