With the new month coming in, I bring you new talent that goes by the name of MiC LOWRY.

I stumbled on these guys recently and was instantly hooked while I watched cover after cover of everything from Calvin Harris to Dru Hill. With a musical knowledge as wide as theirs, you can already expect some serious talent coming from this five-some.

From left to right (pictured above) Michael, Delleile, Ben, Kaine,  and Akia make up this talented five-some. It is a rare thing today to find a group, let alone an all male group. The charts are eating up the all female groups, but I think it is about time for some all male groups to rule the charts for a little bit.

Each one of them has so much talent, and their harmonies are just spot on, they draw my ears in with each second of every cover. I included one of my favorite covers from them below, and after the jump is way more on these talents if it sparks your interest as much as it did mine!

MiC Lowry currently have an EP out titled, The Show, and I have to say their talent doesn’t only shine in cover form, their originals are just as fantastic. One of my favorites from the EP is “Bad Intentions”, which I have posted below. It is a smooth blend of an old school R&B vibe with an almost singer/songwriter vibe to it. Their vocals and harmonies flow like silk over the very stripped back production, which is a great combination to show off their vocal abilities.

I stumbled upon MiC Lowry because of their covers, which is why I fell in love and the original content was an added bonus. The cover of the smash Drake song has to be one of my favorites to date, but below I will include a couple of other covers that are on repeat.

If you are interested in more from these guys, take a look below!
Official Website


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