NEW MUSIC: DJ Khaled – For Free [Ft. Drake]


A little slow on this one, but I haven’t been able to find a good quality for this track yet since it isn’t officially out yet.

Anyway, I haven’t really cared for DJ Khaled as of late, but he is making big moves in his career opening for Beyonce on her Formation tour so I can respect that. DJ Khaled makes a very smart with this one giving the man who has one of the biggest albums of the year to feature on his newest single, Drake.

I actually love this track, it isn’t anything special but it is perfect for the summer time. Drake keeps his momentum going from his album, Views, with his bars on this track.

There really isn’t anything else to say about it, its the perfect move for both of them and it is going to generate a smash.



With the new month coming in, I bring you new talent that goes by the name of MiC LOWRY.

I stumbled on these guys recently and was instantly hooked while I watched cover after cover of everything from Calvin Harris to Dru Hill. With a musical knowledge as wide as theirs, you can already expect some serious talent coming from this five-some.

From left to right (pictured above) Michael, Delleile, Ben, Kaine,  and Akia make up this talented five-some. It is a rare thing today to find a group, let alone an all male group. The charts are eating up the all female groups, but I think it is about time for some all male groups to rule the charts for a little bit.

Each one of them has so much talent, and their harmonies are just spot on, they draw my ears in with each second of every cover. I included one of my favorite covers from them below, and after the jump is way more on these talents if it sparks your interest as much as it did mine!

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NEW MUSIC: Big Sean – Blessed [Ft. Kanye West & Drake]


While his huge hit ‘I Don’t Fuck With You’, continues to rise on the charts, Big Sean releases another track from his upcoming album Dark Sky Paradise, due out Feb 24th. This track is basically everything you would expect from someone under the GOOD music label. Each one of them goes in on their verse, and I’m not the biggest fan of any of these three, but I have to say I love the vibe of this track. Everything I have heard from Big Sean’s new album, I have been a fan of. I think switching over to GOOD music was definitely a great move on his part, he is going to flourish this year!

NEW MUSIC: Aaliyah – Enough Said [Ft. Drake]


There has been a lot of speculation behind Drake being one of the main producers behind Aaliyah’s next album, and if he was worthy since he really had no contact with her. Timbaland and Missy Elliott have a little frustrated in not being involved in this project, but after all of that the first track to be released is ‘Enough Said’. I’m a bit hit or miss when it comes to Drake, but I have to give the man credit for this.

This masterpiece is absolutely amazing, and I’m not sure what else to say about it. Her vocals on the ‘Yeah’s’ bring back so many memories of how much of a talent she was, and the production is smooth and sexy and could easily bring tears. All that being said, the only problem I have with it is, it sounds like a Drake song instead of an Aaliyah song, Drake should have toned it down for this song since it is an Aaliyah album that he is producing and not his own.

Looking forward to hearing the project in full!