2012 Billboard Music Award Performances

This year was definitely interesting as far as performances go. The trend of female slayers continues, as both Carrie Underwood and Nelly Furtado took the awards for best performances. Goodie Mob definitely gave some points to the guys performances by slaying the EPIC ‘Fight To Win’ track, aside from the awkward one legged dancer they had.

While Justin Bieber is still trying to make ‘swaggie’ happen and Usher, while putting on a decent performance, is still promoting his Street Fighter dance track ‘Scream’. Chris Brown mimes the whole song while putting on a amazing dance number, but lets be honest, we have seen what he can do and we would like him to progress a little more.

Check out the performances below!

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NEW MUSIC: Carrie Underwood – Blown Away

Country superstar is back to take over the charts once again, this time with a more ballad feeling song titled ‘Blown Away’. This song is definitely just as good as ‘Good Girl’ and I have heard clips of the album, and it is definitely sounding pretty solid. Carrie Underwood never ceases to amaze me with her vocal and performance ability, and she just gets better and better every time.

‘Blown Away’ has a more coutry/rock feel to it, while it still shows off Carrie’s amazing vocals. It is definitely a catchy song, and surely will do well on the charts just like her first single ‘Good Girl’ did. There is definitely no stopping the Carrie reign!

Her album ‘Blown Away’ is due out May 1st!


NEW MUSIC: Carrie Underwood – Good Girl

American Idol winner, probably one of the 2 that actually are still around, Carrie Underwood is on to her 4th album. She just released the first single off of it and it definitely sounds like a winner. Just like her ‘Before He Cheats’ & ‘Undo It’ tracks, she uses those amazing vocals on and upbeat pop country beat and it sounds amazing. I love everything about Carrie Underwood and I’m definitely waiting for what she has in store for this album. I definitely see a lot of success for this album just like previous ones, she isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.