NEW VIDEO: Justin Timberlake – Tunnel Vision (NSFW)

The king, Justin Timberlake, releases visuals for one of my favorite cuts from the album ‘Tunnel Vision’. Although the video is a bit weak in some aspects, being it has nothing really to do with the song, I still couldn’t take my eyes off it. That might be a little biased coming from me, but I still love this song no matter what, the beat is still on a different league all together. Some are saying the video is kind of a blow to the ‘Blurred Lines’ video of Robin Thicke, but who knows!


ALBUM STREAM: Justin Timberlake – The 20/20 Experience


As most of you are aware, I am this man’s biggest fan and I will prove you wrong if you try and compete with my statement. He has finally decided to hit the studio after almost 7 years, and now has ever so kindly graced us with what maybe the album to hold us over another 7 years (I seriously hope not).

I’ll save my review for later, after giving it time to settle in, but for now, I highly recommend you stop everything and tune out the world with The 20/20 Experience

Stream Here (iTunes only)

NEW MUSIC: Justin Timberlake – Mirrors


After his amazing performance at the Grammys, Justin Timberlake graces us with another leak off his highly anticipated album 20/20 Experience, with ‘Mirrors’. Now, after a couple of listens, I feel a bit in between with this song. There is nothing progressive about the music, it sounds like it could be just a leftover from his Futuresex/Lovesounds era, but at the same time it kind of fits in with his new look. I’m not complaining about it, I love it, but I feel like he needs to ditch Timbaland because the beat is doing nothing for this song, it’s your standard Timbo beat. All that being said, it is another smash just like everything Timberlake touches, and it won’t hold me back from buying this album. In conclusion ‘Suit & Tie’ still stands as the winner so far.

I desperately need that ‘Pusher Love Girl’ leak though, like yesterday!

NEWS: Justin Timberlake Album Cover & Tracklist


The prince of pop is slowly teasing us with his highly anticipated comeback after his almost 7 year hiatus from the business. Justin Timberlake is ready to come back as he drops the cover to his epic album, The 20/20 Experience. The cover is flawless and classy just as expected, and it gets me more and more excited for this amazing album.

The tracklist is just as orgasmic as the cover, some of the titles are just perfection, and I know I’m jumping ahead of everything right now, but I can’t expect anything less from him. The single has delivered on all levels and the live youtube versions of ‘Pusher Love Girl’ and ‘That Girl’ definitely don’t disappoint either!

Check the tracklist after the jump

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NEW VIDEO- Madonna- Give Me All Your Luvin’ [Ft. Nicki Minaj & M.I.A.]

I think the last Madonna song I liked was ‘4 Minutes’ partly because of Justin Timberlake. This video really makes no sense to me, all I got out of it was Madonna landing in a bunch of football players arms, or being carried by them. M.I.A is the best thing about this song, she looks good and her 2 line verse is awesome! I don’t see this track going anywhere on the charts, but maybe that superbowl performance will help it out.

Sorry Madonna, your done.