NEW VIDEO: Daley – Broken

I apologize for taking so long posting this, I definitely have not forgot about it. Daley, who remains one of my favorites since I found him, has graced us with a video for his smash tune titled ‘Broken’. ‘Broken’ to sum it all up is pretty much the male break up anthem and it is perfect in every way. Daley’s vocals have never sounded better, and with each track he puts out from his Days & Nights album gets me more and more excited for the release of it.

More recently he has put out a track with rapper Nelly called ‘Heaven‘, which he performed in NYC over the weekend on Good Morning America, hopefully giving him the acknowledgement that he deserves.

Here’s to ‘Heaven’ gaining some success over here, and here’s to Daley giving us a USA tour before that success hits!

NEW VIDEO: Nelly – Get Like Me [Ft. Nicki Minaj & Pharrell]

It seems as though Nelly is making quite a comeback, from his terrible country mixed single, and now to this. ‘Get Like Me’ has Pharrell productions written all over it, and I don’t mind at all. The beat is catchy, as are the lyrics, and throw on Nicki Minaj who is perfect when she is the feature of a track, you have a recipe for a top 40 smash.