I can’t stress how talented BOOTS is, aside from the hand he had on Beyonce’s self titled album, if you haven’t heard his mixtape WinterSpringSummerFall, then you just won’t understand. This video has been produced by BOOTS himself, and while it doesn’t really have a story to follow (at least that I can find, I’m not very artsy though), it did keep my attention the whole way through. With that being said, the song itself is a haunting pleasure, and like I said before, there is no words for how talented he is.

Just listen and thank me later!

NEW MIXTAPE: BOOTS – WinterSpringSummerFall



BOOTS has slowly made his way on to my radar after some fantastic releases. After finding out he basically produced Beyonce’s newest album, I was very intrigued to see what he was able to do on his own. He released ‘Howl‘ and many other tracks that I have grown to love and keep on repeat. Now he finally graces us with his ever so smooth and haunting mixtape WinterSpringSummerFall, and even though I have just begun to listen to it, I can tell, just like everything else BOOTS has put out, this will not disappoint!

favorite track so far: No More

Check out the whole thing after the jump!

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NEW MUSIC: BOOTS – Dreams [Ft. Beyonce]


BOOTS kind of came into the limelight all of a sudden, but through extensive research, he has been behind the scenes for quite sometime. Most noteably for basically writing Beyonce’s whole surprise album, which just so happens to be one of my favorite albums by her, it all makes sense now.  BOOTs is ready to make his own debut, from his previous releases of “Howl” and “Ride Ride Ride“, I have to say this guy has some serious talent.

Beyonce returns the favor by starring on one of BOOT’s singles titled ‘Dreams’, and let me tell you, this definitely has some serious potential. BOOT’s is about to shoot up to stardom in a matter of time, and this is only the beginning.

Listen, and keep an eye out!





Just recently discovered BOOTS, and immediately fell in love wit his talent. BOOTS produced one of the biggest superstars tracks, Beyonce’s ‘Haunted/Ghost’. This track ‘Howl’ has a a little bit of each genre within, from soulful vocals to leading into a very dance friendly track towards the end, all while still keeping its R&B roots. This track is everything, and I hope to hear more from this guy, seriously talented!