NEW MUSIC/VIDEO: Bruno Mars – 24k Magic


2016 is showing up to be the year of comebacks from pop’s greatest. We have Lady Gaga, JoJo, and now Bruno Mars joins the club. Bruno has taken about 4 years off with the only single being the Mark Ronson smash, “Uptown Funk” and his iconic superbowl performance alongside Beyonce and Coldplay. Other than that we haven’t heard any solo material since Unorthodox Jukebox, back in 2012.

Bruno Mars is now back and not only dropped his new single “24K Magic” but the visuals and the album cover (featured above) to go along with it. This track had to be huge following his legendary success of “Uptown Funk”, and I believe he did that fantastically.

“24K Magic” brings the funk right back in the game with an almost Pharrell sounding production, it’s “Uptown Funk”…but sexier. The video gives me Beyonce “7/11” vibes, but better, and the song makes more sense. Bruno did the damn thing!

We need a male pop-star back in the game currently run by females and Bruno brings that.

Watch the video below!


NEW VIDEO: Beyoncé – 7/11

Beyoncé is giving her fans even more from her hugely successful surprise album by releasing a deluxe version of the album including some new tracks, ‘7/11’ being one of them. This is what the general public call ‘Ratchet Beyoncé’. While I do think the track is good, the video doesn’t really do much for like it is for everyone else. I know where she was going with it, trying to be kind of raw, and uncut, looks like she is trying to show us she is still a real person, while also shooting this video in her mansion.

Anyway, it will be a huge hit just like everything she does

NEW MUSIC: Beyonce – Flawless (Remix) [Ft. Nicki Minaj]



We have been getting hints at this collab for a little bit now, and it has finally dropped. I have to admit, this is fire! Beyonce and Nicki make a perfect team, I’m not sure why Beyonce hasn’t done too many features before, it definitely adds to her tracks. Nicki adds probably one of her best verses yet to the track, and while I haven’t heard her single ‘Anaconda’ yet, if she brings this much heat to a feature, lets hope she continues with it on her own solo stuff.

Beyonce also takes a quick second to kind of address the elevator incident that she kind of brushed off with her official statement. Anyway, I’m here for the track and not the drama.

NEW MUSIC: BOOTS – Dreams [Ft. Beyonce]


BOOTS kind of came into the limelight all of a sudden, but through extensive research, he has been behind the scenes for quite sometime. Most noteably for basically writing Beyonce’s whole surprise album, which just so happens to be one of my favorite albums by her, it all makes sense now.  BOOTs is ready to make his own debut, from his previous releases of “Howl” and “Ride Ride Ride“, I have to say this guy has some serious talent.

Beyonce returns the favor by starring on one of BOOT’s singles titled ‘Dreams’, and let me tell you, this definitely has some serious potential. BOOT’s is about to shoot up to stardom in a matter of time, and this is only the beginning.

Listen, and keep an eye out!


NEW MUSIC: The-Dream – Turnt [Ft. Beyonce & 2 Chainz]


The-Dream is apparently trying to make his comeback to the industry with the release of this single ‘Turnt’ and soon to be album IV Play. ‘Turnt’ features two huge collaborations adding Beyonce and 2 Chainz to the mix. The-Dream has written countless songs for Beyonce which is probably how he snagged her on an album track, so he might as well release it to gain some buzz. The track is just alright, I used to love his older stuff, but since then his sound hasn’t changed too much, and this track just fades away in the mix of all other radio songs right now. It will be a hit because of the names on the songs, not because of the song itself.

NEW MUSIC: Beyonce – Grown Woman


Beyonce is back from her ‘break’, with the leak of her new track which is featured on her recent pepsi commercial, ‘Grown Woman’. I have to admit I did grow fond of the song after hearing it a couple of times, then I heard the full version and about halfway through she gets very, I guess I would call it cultural. She channels her African side, and it sounds terrible. I’m not sure what kind of sound she has for this album, but this track is pretty much all over the place. The first half is actually great, but once the 2nd part kicks in, it gets very messy and all over the place.

I have heard snippets of her other songs, but now hearing this in full, a snippet doesn’t do it justice

NEW MUSIC: Emeli Sande – Crazy In Love (Beyonce Cover)


I stated earlier that The Great Gatsby soundtrack was shaping up to be pure perfection, well this is definitely one of the reasons why. The soulful Emeli Sande gives Beyonce’s ‘Crazy In Love’ a whole 40’s, big band feel, and it sounds so good! She changes the sound of it completely and her vocals over a sound like this is perfect. Emeli Sande has done and will never do wrong.

NEW MUSIC: Beyonce & Andre 3000 – Back To Black (Amy Winehouse Cover)


I was a bit skeptical upon hearing that Beyonce and Andre 3000 have joined forces to recreate a very iconic song from Amy Winehouse ‘Back To Black’. After hearing the preview, I have to admit I liked the way the redid it, Beyonce sounds extremely sexy, and the slowed down R&B version could actually be mistaken for a whole different song. Although as much as I love Andre 3000, his feature was useless and bland, and the track definitely could have held it’s own without him.

All that being said, I prefer the original, but they did give it a whole different feel, and I respect that. On another note, The Great Gatsby soundtrack has some unbelievable contributions, and it is turning out to be absolutely amazing!