NEW VIDEO: Ed Sheeran – Eraser (SBTV)

For those that don’t know, I discovered the legend that is Ed Sheeran from SB.TV 7 years ago from their A64 sessions. With the 10 year reunion of their amazing website being today, they bring it back to artists that started it all. We have Ed Sheeran giving us a little F64 of a track from his newest albumĀ Divide, “Eraser”.

After the jump, I included the video that started it all for me. I highly recommend you check it out!

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NEW VIDEO: Vince Kidd – ‘You and Me’

Let’s focus on this guys talent one more time, because his voice is pure sex and I can’t get over it. From his acoustic video for ‘The Last Train‘, to his ‘Sick Love‘ music video he shocks me every new performance/song he puts out. This song, and every song he has made, has been on repeat ever since. I told you before, now I will tell you again:

WATCH OUT 2012!!

Also, regardless of what any of those Youtube comments say, this guy is pure talent and it doesn’t matter what he looks like, I don’t know him personally, but all I know is that on twitter he comes across as a genuine person, and he definitely has the support of Long Live Music, because of his amazing talent! I can’t wait for him to take over the States!
Rant Over!

NEW VIDEO: Angel- Fire (Acoustic)

Just came across this guy recently after watching that video above from SBTV, and I absolutely LOVED his voice. He is from London, and he has a very R&B/Hip-Hop vibe to him, with very soulful vocals. The video above shows him mixing Lauryn Hill’s ‘To Zion’ with his own track ‘Fire’ from his recently released mixtape, which might I add is FREE. Anyway watch the video and download the Mixtape from his OFFICIAL SITE

NEW VIDEO: Maverick Sabre’s Bob Marley Tribute

One of my favorite UK sites SBTV has done an acoustic session with one of my favorite soul singers of the past 2 years, Maverick Sabre. SBTV is known for doing sessions with artists that are trying to breakout into the business and they have found some pretty amazing talent; Maverick Sabre, Jessie J, Ed Sheeran.

Anyway, seeing as it is the legend that is Bob Marley’s birthday today, what better way than to tribute than to sing one of his most famous songs ‘Redemption Song’. I might be a bit biased because I love everything Maverick Sabre does, but this cover is AMAZING.

Maverick Sabre’s album is out now in the UK, and he has reached #1 right where he belongs. If only the USA could recognize such talent.

RIP Bob Marley