NEW MUSIC: Jordin Sparks & Whitney Houston – Celebrate

The legend Whitney Houston had just filmed a movie right before her untimely passing, and the single from the soundtrack has been leaked. This is the last song she ever recorded, and its definitely bitter sweet. She sounds great here, and it just shows how much potential she still had. The up-beat, feel good song is just perfect for the 2 of them to duet on, while its mostly Sparks on the track, its definitely nice to hear some of what Whitney still had.


We Miss You Whitney Houston

Everyone knows what impact she had on the music business, so there definitely isn’t much left to say about her. She had a voice that no one could describe and that no one will ever forget. She sang some of the most iconic ballads of our time that will live on forever. She’s a legend that helped define unbelievable music and she will be missed.


Check out some of my favorite performances of her after the Jump!

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