NEW MUSIC: Calvin Harris – Slide [Ft. Frank Ocean & Migos]


Calvin Harris has been killing the game lately, from releasing to the smash of last year “This is What You Came For” to now releasing the track of the summer, “Slide”. I was a bit hesitant when I heard that Migos was an added feature, but I have to say they killed it.

Frank ocean smoothly coasts over the disco fused production. This track is easily the perfect recipe for a chart takeover. Calvin Harris recently put out a statement to say that uplifting music is missing from the world, and vows to bring it back. “Slide” being the perfect example of that.


NEW MUSIC: Frank Ocean – Hero [Ft. Diplo, Mick Jones & Paul Simonon]



In my opinion, you can’t really go wrong when Frank Ocean is on anything, this just adds to my point. Frank Ocean has been a bit quiet lately since his debut album, and I hope that this is the beginning of that change. This track produced by one of my favorites, Diplo, fits Frank’s smooth and soulful vocals so well. I’m not sure what Converse has to do with this, but I honestly don’t care if it brought us this, enjoy!

NEW MUSIC: John Mayer – Wildfire [Ft. Frank Ocean]


After lending his talents to Frank Oceans debut album, Ocean returns the favor by featuring on John’s 90 second song titled ‘Wildfire’. I wish there was more to say about this song, it could be something amazing, if only it was longer. These two have the talent to make amazing music together, but sadly this is only what we get so far. Here’s to hoping they release a full version of this song, or just make more music together in general.

2012 VMA Performances

This years VMA’s consisted of a lot of OneDirection and Rihanna, but as far as performances go, Frank Ocean slayed all. Although He didn’t win anything, he definitely took the crown home for best performance of the night, while Rihanna was busy giving shade to everyone on stage. Pink has had way better performances in her time, but she can still do no wrong. To take the words from someone on my Twitter feed, Rihanna sounded like a goat swinging on a rope, but looked fantastic. OneDirection featured screaming girls on their track. Lil Wayne & 2 Chainz tried to be energetic and make rap seem cool and it failed. Alicia Keys performed her failure of a song while also having pretty horrible vocals, which is usually not like her, then brought out the failure Minaj to finish it off.

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NEW MUSIC: Frank Ocean – Math

Frank Ocean shows off his amazing lyrical ability in this unreleased track. No one seems to know where the track is from, but who cares, its out and its great! Frank Ocean channels the R&B side, kind of sounding a bit like Craig David at times. I love this track, and It further pushes my interest into him. I don’t really care where this song comes from, it has so many little details as far as the beat goes, and I must say again, the lyrics this guy can write are pretty amazing. Check it out below!

NEW MUSIC: Frank Ocean – Whip Appeal

Frank Ocean has done it again!
This randomly released track, is definitely a top song of mine from him. Although it doesn’t really have a sense of rhythm or anything, I really like the flow he has on it, and even the beat fits it just perfectly.

It’s defintely a step forward in the right direction towards the sound he needs to be creating to step away from his competitors. It’s just different than anything that is right now.

liiiiiiike it