NEW VIDEO: Ed Sheeran – Eraser (SBTV)

For those that don’t know, I discovered the legend that is Ed Sheeran from SB.TV 7 years ago from their A64 sessions. With the 10 year reunion of their amazing website being today, they bring it back to artists that started it all. We have Ed Sheeran giving us a little F64 of a track from his newest albumĀ Divide, “Eraser”.

After the jump, I included the video that started it all for me. I highly recommend you check it out!

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ACOUSTIC: Daley – Love & Affection

Just to build on the hype of this mans debut album coming Feb 11th, I give to you an acoustic version he recently performed for Billboard titled, ‘Love & Affection’. Another beautiful track that only furthers my interest in his album, I absolutely can’t wait for Days And Nights to come out! Stop reading this and listen!

Also, if anyone is going to SXSW, he will definitely be there and I hope for everyone to come out to his show in support!

NEW MUSIC: MNEK – Ready For Your Love (Gorgan City Cover)

I have been a huge fan of MNEK for a while now, and with the release of his new Gorgan City cover, ‘Ready For Your Love’, my fascination grows even more. MNEK sounds excellent and as soulful as ever. He previously featured on the original track, but now takes the reigns and adds a very soulful and sexy twist to the track, which in my brain is better than the original, which is saying quite a bit because the original is a definitely smash. Anyway take a listen, and if this doesn’t sell you on MNEK, I’m not sure what will

NEW ACOUSTIC: Sam Smith – Lay Me Down

The amazing talent behind Disclosure’s ‘Latch‘, Sam Smith graces us with his first solo song, and while it’s just an acoustic, its freaking amazing. Sam Smith has vocals for days, and this video shows all of that and more. I am extremely excited for this man’s huge career ahead because ‘Latch’ is still on repeat to this day. SO GOOD!

NEW VIDEO: Daley covers ‘Climax’

Every time I hear Daley sing, it makes me crave that debut album even more each time. Now he has put his own flavor on one of the best usher songs in the past 5 years, ‘Climax’ for SB.TV. There isn’t much else to do but tell you to watch it, and if you haven’t got his mixtape yet, something is obviously wrong with your ears. download it here!

NEW VIDEO: Vince Kidd – ‘You and Me’

Let’s focus on this guys talent one more time, because his voice is pure sex and I can’t get over it. From his acoustic video for ‘The Last Train‘, to his ‘Sick Love‘ music video he shocks me every new performance/song he puts out. This song, and every song he has made, has been on repeat ever since. I told you before, now I will tell you again:

WATCH OUT 2012!!

Also, regardless of what any of those Youtube comments say, this guy is pure talent and it doesn’t matter what he looks like, I don’t know him personally, but all I know is that on twitter he comes across as a genuine person, and he definitely has the support of Long Live Music, because of his amazing talent! I can’t wait for him to take over the States!
Rant Over!

ACOUSTIC VIDEO: Vince Kidd- The Last Train


I really can’t stress how good this guy is! I recently featured him in one of my Artist Spotlight posts, and he just dropped another acoustic video for a track titled ‘The Last Train’, paying a fitting soulful tribute to the late legend Etta James. I’m not sure where the track is from, I’m guessing from his upcoming album, but either way it doesn’t matter because it’s AMAZING!

If you don’t know him, get yourself educated because he is going far! Watch out for this guy this year!