NEW MUSIC: Pink – Here Comes The Weekend [Ft. Eminem]

The legendary Pink releases another collaboration with the equally legendary Eminem. This will be the pairs second collaboration, previously coming together on ‘Won’t Back Down’. Probably 2 of the most outspoken artists of our generation on one track? Done Deal. I love this track, and in my eyes, Pink and Eminem can really do no wrong, so this is just awesome. I do actually prefer ‘Won’t Back Down’ because it fit the 2 more, than this pop direction that she is going in, but either way, I think this will definitely make an impact on the chars.

2012 VMA Performances

This years VMA’s consisted of a lot of OneDirection and Rihanna, but as far as performances go, Frank Ocean slayed all. Although He didn’t win anything, he definitely took the crown home for best performance of the night, while Rihanna was busy giving shade to everyone on stage. Pink has had way better performances in her time, but she can still do no wrong. To take the words from someone on my Twitter feed, Rihanna sounded like a goat swinging on a rope, but looked fantastic. OneDirection featured screaming girls on their track. Lil Wayne & 2 Chainz tried to be energetic and make rap seem cool and it failed. Alicia Keys performed her failure of a song while also having pretty horrible vocals, which is usually not like her, then brought out the failure Minaj to finish it off.

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