2012 VMA Performances

This years VMA’s consisted of a lot of OneDirection and Rihanna, but as far as performances go, Frank Ocean slayed all. Although He didn’t win anything, he definitely took the crown home for best performance of the night, while Rihanna was busy giving shade to everyone on stage. Pink has had way better performances in her time, but she can still do no wrong. To take the words from someone on my Twitter feed, Rihanna sounded like a goat swinging on a rope, but looked fantastic. OneDirection featured screaming girls on their track. Lil Wayne & 2 Chainz tried to be energetic and make rap seem cool and it failed. Alicia Keys performed her failure of a song while also having pretty horrible vocals, which is usually not like her, then brought out the failure Minaj to finish it off.

Take a look after the break!

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NEW MUSIC: Alicia Keys – Girl on Fire [Ft. Nicki Minaj]

Alicia Keys makes a return with ‘Girl on Fire’, the new single off her upcoming album. As far as this track goes, well, it’s horrible. Alicia Keys needs to be progressing in her career, and this track does the opposite of that. The worst part is she released the track with three different versions, and they all suck. It’s nice to hear her back on a track, and her vocals are spot on, but this does absolutely nothing for anyone listening. The beat is plain, the lyrics are about woman empowerment, which has been done way too many times before, and it’s about time to move on.

This particular version features Nicki Minaj, who usually slays a feature, and yet this time she also fails. I don’t see this track doing well at all, any of the versions. I have heard that her album will feature the likes of Emeli Sande, and Jamie XX, which is promising. I think both of these artists could do wonders for her progression as far as music goes. We will wait and see.

Take a listen below, and lets see what you think.

Take a listen to the ‘Blue Light Version‘ and the ‘Original Version‘, if you think its worth your time.

NEW MUSIC: Alicia Keys – New Day

I have been hesitant to post this new Alicia because I’m just not that big of a fan of it. She tries to make her comeback by enlisting her husband Swizz Beats to produce this new track. I love Alicia, even if her last album was hit or miss, but this track doesn’t break any boundaries at all. The beat is your generic Swizzy beat, and Alicia doesn’t do anything vocally to impress anyone. It is a good move to keep it sort of R&B, since there is none of that going on commercially. She has to compete with Keyshia Cole and now Kelly Rowland who are both releasing tracks featured with Lil Wayne pretty soon. So far this is the bottom of the 3 R&B females for me, but it’s nice to hear Alicia again.