NEW MUSIC: Jai Paul – Jasmine

Jai Paul, who released probably one of my favorite tracks of 2011, ‘BTSTU‘,  is finally back!
After his break from the industry, he comes back with this amazing track which I have to admit was worth the wait. This track has smooth written ALL over it, and I love every piece of it. I seriously hope this guy doesn’t take another break from music because he is way to talented to go anywhere.



Musical and artistic genius, JMSN is back with a new video from his album Priscilla. JMSN is one of my favorite artists out right now, previously featured in my Artist Spotlight post. He has been in the game for a while now, and this album/look is definitely my favorite from him. Jameson is one of my favorite tracks off that album, although the CD as a whole is absolutely amazing, and I’m glad to see it get visual treatment. Just like his previous videos, this one doesn’t disappoint at all. Just watch it!

FREE EP: Miguel – Art Dealer Chic Vol. 2

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After completely blowing my mind with his Vol 1 EP, he brings out another 3 track EP for Volume 2. The first one was amazing, and so is this follow up. ‘Arch N’ Point’ is sexy, ‘All’ has a sort of R&B/electronic feel to it, and ‘Broads’ deals with a harder beat. All amazing tracks and best of all, its ALL free!

NEW VIDEO: Dawn Richard – Bombs

Former Danity Kane star Dawn Richard is back harder than ever with her debut single off her solo project Armor On. Let’s all be honest for a minute, we all thought her career was over with the rest of the members of DK, and even after her some-what failed attempt with Dirty Money. She was released from all that and decided to try it on her own, and well I would say it’s working pretty well so far!

‘Bombs’ is a hard hitting song with smooth R&B segments showing off Dawn’s amazing vocals. I really like this track, and the video is just as hard as the song showcasing Dawn doing some intricate choreography. No telling what the track will do on the radio or anything, but it has sparked my interest in her solo project, and I will definitely keep my eye on it!

….still bitter about that DK break up though

NEW MUSIC: Justin Beiber – Boyfriend

First, I am in no way shape or form part of the ‘Beliebers’ and so this review is strictly from a fan of music.

Probably one of the biggest moves in The Biebs career is going to be how to transition from teen pop, to his adult genre. He has dropped many features with the likes of Drake, Usher and Busta. He has rapped countless times in many radio stations, and so we all thought he was going to go more R&B with his next album. This new single ‘Boyfriend’ was compared to the non-existent legend that is Justin Timberlake. With that comparison I was a bit hesitant to listen to this track.

read some more, and listen below!

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NEW MUSIC: Azealia Banks – Fuck Up the Fun

Probably my favorite female rapper in a long time is back with a new track, which supposedly disses Iggy Azalea, but I don’t hear it. Anyway this track is FIRE! She definitely sounds like an offspring of Missy Elliott on her flow, and don’t even get me started on the Diplo beat! This track is SO amazing!

For those that don’t know Miss Azealia Banks, she broke out hard on the scene with the ever controversial ‘212‘, which is still on repeat to this day. She has gained a good fan base in the UK, and hopefully she just gets bigger and bigger as time goes. She brings a fresh new take on rap, unlike her ‘competitors’, she has some talent.

Take a listen and fall in love below!

NEW VIDEO: Vince Kidd – ‘You and Me’

Let’s focus on this guys talent one more time, because his voice is pure sex and I can’t get over it. From his acoustic video for ‘The Last Train‘, to his ‘Sick Love‘ music video he shocks me every new performance/song he puts out. This song, and every song he has made, has been on repeat ever since. I told you before, now I will tell you again:

WATCH OUT 2012!!

Also, regardless of what any of those Youtube comments say, this guy is pure talent and it doesn’t matter what he looks like, I don’t know him personally, but all I know is that on twitter he comes across as a genuine person, and he definitely has the support of Long Live Music, because of his amazing talent! I can’t wait for him to take over the States!
Rant Over!